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About Steamboat Launch

Steamboat Launch provides a recurring, formal channel for connecting passionate entrepreneurs to the capital and mentorship they need to maximize their success. Every February and August, a few select companies have an opportunity to a pitch to a panel of accredited investors and the community at large in Steamboat Springs, CO.

The companies selected to pitch undergo an evaluation and mentoring period prior to the event to ensure the highest quality presentations and best investment opportunities. The selection process favors Steamboat and the western slope, but could include companies from across Colorado and even beyond. In addition, companies in various industries, stages of growth and capital needs will be presented to ensure broad investor appeal.

Who should attend?

All community members are welcome to come. Due to legal concerns, however, term sheets and investment opportunities will be tightly restricted to accredited investors only.

What’s the format?

After a brief introduction, the event will give 4-5 companies under 10 minutes to present, followed by about 5 minutes of high level Q&A. Once all the presentations are over, the presenting companies will be available for investors to meet presenters directly. It’s during this time that accredited investors are encouraged to ask more probing questions and schedule follow-on conversations.

For Companies Seeking Investment

It all starts with a simple chat.

Reach out via the form below to schedule an initial talk with Four Points Funding. We start with a basic information session so that both sides can learn about the other and go from there. Companies selected to present will be asked to commit to a few practice runs prior to the event, but most companies benefit significantly from tapping the Four Points Funding mentor network as well. The entire process is free, easy and highly beneficial to companies who get a ton of qualified feedback.

Am I a could candidate for Steamboat Launch?

The event will favor companies with a tie to Steamboat and the western slope. Beyond that, there is no specific vertical being targeted, and geographic tie is not absolutely necessary. In fact, SBL will always attempt to provide a variety companies in terms of scale, vertical and location. So, if your company is investable, you are a potential candidate.

The Feb/August cycle doesn't work for me. Am I out of luck?

You’ve still got a chance. Four Points Funding sources companies all year and works with an extensive network of investors outside of Steamboat Launch. While the actual Steamboat Launch event is a great way to get exposure, it’s not the only way to find funding opportunities through our network.

What if I need funding but don't want to present to the world just yet?

A lot of our presenters are established companies with real goods looking for growth capital. Such companies have relatively low risk of IP exposure or other concerns. That's not necessarily the case for everyone, though. For example, early stage tech companies may want to keep their ideas safeguarded until after they've achieved some level of growth. If you have such concerns, we encourage you to reach out anyway to discuss less public funding options.

For Investors

What kind of presentations can I expect?

Previous rounds included companies raising between $300k - $1.2M, but those numbers are likely to change in both directions. This is a community event which will be weighted towards Steamboat companies, but the event will try to supply something for everyone. So, expect companies of various stages in outdoor rec, agriculture, medical and technology verticals. Companies for each event will be posted well in advance, and information will be made available for accredited investors prior to the presentation upon request.

I am not looking for investments, should I still come?

YES, please. You might find a company that resonates with you even if you do not intend to invest. You may also realize you would be an excellent mentor for a deserving Colorado startup. Either way, your presence will better tie you to the community and encourage our startup community. So, please come support the community and find out a little more about what’s going on in the mountain towns of western CO.


The next event is February 15, 2018, at 1:00 PM at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat. The company selection process is still underway. If you would like to apply or refer a company, please reach out using the contact information below.

The Last event was August 18 and included 68 people, with 19 accredited investors on site, and all companies received investment offers.

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